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  • Charity donation

    While pursuing corporate growth actively, we also donate 12% of the annual profits for social charity utilities, every year we donate the basic establishment for the social culture, education, sports, medical, support the activities of  local village’s Elder  Association, school, basketball or volleyball game etc.

    The trace of the donation not only cover HuLi district, Tong’an education bureau, Xiamen university, Foreign language school, Experimental primary school etc, but also involve to Zhangping, Shishi, Sanming, Zhejiang, Sichuan and Xizang etc, for the South Asian tsunami and America New Orleans hurricane, we also sent our help and caring dedication. We donate over RMB 1 million to the society every year. In 2006, our president Jack Lin was awarded by the government for the honorary title of “FuJian Charity Award”, and was named “Xiamen honorary citizen” by Xiamen city in 2011 and wined the “Red Cross Humanitarian Award Gold Medal” in 2012.



    About Everesports
    About Everesports
    D, factory and spread our sales of products to more than 80 countries in the world. Our products consist of 5 main series including Treadmill, Station…